• Welcome to Task Furniture in Education.
    We are a multidisciplinary research and
    design group, engaged in creating innovative
    design solutions for learning environments.


    Introducing TFE
    How are we as designers going to tackle
    the challenge of re-imagining today's learning environments? Check out our
    video introduction to TFE Research to
    find out more.

  • TFE Research is proud to announce the launch of our new compeitition moving education. The competition┬áchallenges third level students to come up with new ways of improving movement in second level education. The competition brief is divided into four key areas: environment, pedagogy, media and community. Visit www.movingeducation.net and find out more!

    by TFE on 06 Aug
  • In April we invited Michelle Zappa (Envisioning Technology) to help us map the role of future technologies in education. Through the process of several conversations and an intensive 2 day workshop we were able to share our research and knowledge of education and technologies. This resulted in a visual piece that maps the most likely [...]

    by TFE on 12 Jul
  • In December Emma and three of the Hedge School Dublin students, Iziz, Helen and Louise took to the stage in the Science Gallery to talk about their experience of Hedge School Dublin, a two week learning and design camp.

    by TFE on 28 Feb